Beat the winter blues with Fine Fair’s new Winter Collection!            Low priced items starting from AED 15, perfect for any occasion.            Beat the winter blues with Fine Fair’s new Winter Collection!           Low priced items starting from AED 15, perfect for any occasion.


Fine Fair creates a
sustainable lifestyle for everybody,
always at a fair price.

We’re Fine Fair, the leading value fashion and retail department store since 1998. Our diverse range includes women’s, men’s, baby
and kids clothing and accessories; to homewares, toys, beauty products and confectionary. Our exclusive mix of brands, coupled
with an international shopping experience inspires our customers to stand out and be unique. Our aim is to ensure that we always
exceed our customers’ expectations on quality and value. Delivering on our promise to provide fashionable and fine quality products
for a fair price.


Our vision is to become a world
benchmark for a sustainable and
responsible lifestyle. We aim to
make the world a better place by
connecting communities through
ethical processes to the value
retail market. While also seeking
to simplify the lives of our
customers through thoughtfully
tailored retail experiences
designed to make families feel at
home in our stores.


We aim to uphold quality, value and
integrity across every element of our
business. Making style accessible
and affordable both domestically
and internationally. Our focus is on
the customer who cares about their
family as much as we do. Offering
them a range of value-centric,
sustainable and design-driven
products that cater to their needs
throughout every stage of their lives.
Helping to improve customer
lifestyle by delivering the highest
possible value and that of the world
around us by giving back to the community.


We are strong because of the
power of our people. Every one of
our staff is invested in our founder’s
dream to build an institution that
delivers style and substance. The
sum of our people equals years of
experience, the highest level of
integrity and the skills to not just
lead, but to be the change.


The road ahead sees our Group embarking on a major expansion plan to acquire mastery of all touch-points in the value chain. Brand stores
are set to open in MENA, Asia, USA and UK to reach a total of 500 outlets globally by 2020. We are establishing studios in Milan to ensure
future fashion trends are spotted, analysed and applied in our business. Our best-in-class fashion merchandisers and staff are continuously
being recruited and trained via development programmes at leading fashion institutes across London, Milan and Paris. Our vision is to build
‘Fine Fair Fashion City’ in India as an integrated township featuring fashion studios, shows, institutes and apparel manufacturing facilities.
While we pour continuous investment into developing eco-conscious practices and products for a sustainable future.


Fine Fair is highly people oriented. Driven by the people, for the people and of the people. People who have integrated inclusively into the founder’s dream to build an edifice that delivers style & substance in ample doses. Years of professional experience, high level of integrity and the skill sets to see the future and stay ahead.


‘Fine Fair’ rests under the robust umbrella of
Fine Fair Group. A Group with an impressive
legacy that steadily evolved from a standalone
garment manufacturing company into a
conglomerate of Retail, Travel, Lifestyle,
Farming and Engineering businesses.
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Fine Fair understands that we have responsibilities beyond our own business. We believe that the first step toward corporate social
responsibility is creating a balance within our ecology and treating each other with dignity. At a local level, our efforts are focused on building
‘Skills to Succeed’, enabling us to take the same world-class skills that benefit our clients, and apply them to communities who need them the
most. We aim to constantly create value, wealth and jobs. Contributing to society as much as possible for real and worthwhile change.


All our products are harmonised with nature, made with the finest fabric consisting of colorfast and eco-fast dies. We keep the toxic content of our end product to an absolute minimum. While ensuring our customers are never deprived of variety,style or quality.

Sustainability is not optional but a business imperative. We view sustainable practices as an opportunity to apply our core strengths for social good and innovate to create winning solutions. We ensure these standards are incorporated in even the littlest of details, such as biodegradable, water-based ink shopping paper bags, wooden hangers and packaging.

We know that we cannot prepare any business – our clients or our own – for the future of work without also considering the future of our society and planet. It is our responsibility to apply our collective knowledge, talent and effort to the challenges we all face in our workplace, communities and environment. Fine Fair pursues social advocacy and collaborates with numerous social initiative because we believe that altruism leads to a better world.

Fine Fair takes pride in having associated with Jeevan Raksha Samithi, Indira Gandhi Hospital (Lakshadweep), Rajeev Gandhi Cooperative Hospital and Sheikh Humaid Bin Rasheed Al Nouimi Foundation. While caring for the society through Kair2Care (CSR Unit at Fine Fair Group).

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