We’re Fine Fair, the leading value fashion and retail department store since 1998. Our diverse range includes women’s, men’s, baby and kids clothing and accessories; to homewares, toys, beauty products and confectionary. Our exclusive mix of brands, coupled with an international shopping experience inspires our customers to stand out and be unique. Our aim is to ensure that we always exceed our customers’ expectations on quality and value. Delivering on our promise to provide fashionable and fine quality products for a fair price. 


Our vision is to become a world benchmark for a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. We aim to make the world a better place by connecting communities through ethical processes to the value retail market. While also seeking to simplify the lives of our customers through thoughtfully tailored retail experiences designed to make families feel at home in our stores. 


We aim to uphold quality, value and integrity across every element of our business. Making style accessible and affordable both domestically and internationally. Our focus is on the customer who cares about their family as much as we do. Offering them a range of value-centric, sustainable and design-driven products that cater to their needs throughout every stage of their lives. Helping to improve customer lifestyle by delivering the highest possible value and that of the world around us by giving back to the community.


‘Fine Fair’ rests under the robust umbrella of Fine Fair Group. A Group with an impressive legacy that steadily evolved from a standalone garment manufacturing company into a conglomerate of Retail, Travel, Lifestyle, Farming and Engineering businesses. Read more about Fine Fair Group at: https://finefairgroup.com/